TC-169/1 Test Lamp for SENSE-WARE Flame Detectors

SENSE-WARE Test lamp


Flame detector Test Lamp TC-169/1 for SENSE-WARE Flame Detectors (long range)


The SENSE-WARE TC-169/1 flame detector test lamp activates SENSE-WARE UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors. The test range for SENSE-WARE Flame Detectors is up to 4 meters (13 ft). IR Flame detectors have an extra alarm criterion; analyzing the flicker frequency of a fire. In order to simulate the flame flicker the lamp emits pulsed energy with a frequency of approx. 2 Hz. After the alarm delay time the Flame Detector will activate.


  • UV, UV/IR and IR3 (SENSE-WARE only) flame detector check up to 4 meters (13 ft)
  • Universal charger 100-240 Vac with pins for US, EU, GB en AU
  • Including Carrying Case


Check the manual here (pdf).



SENSE-WARE Test lamp ChargerSENSE-WARE Test lamp Carrying CaseSENSE-WARE Test lamp Carrying Case SENSE-WARE Test lamp Carrying Case