Engine Rooms


Engine rooms will typically, but not only be found on board of vessels (ship engine rooms), but also on shore in the industry. in case of an industrial application losses. In engine rooms typically open fires are to be expected.


Typical risks

Typical features for Engine and generator rooms are:

  • Ignition sources: Hot surfaces of the engine and the exhaust system with temperatures that exceed the auto ignition temperature of the fluids used in the engine.


Typical requirements

  • Intense ventilation in the generator room.
  • Obstruction of the sight in the engine room should we coped with.
  • Hot surfaces may act as false alarm source.
  • Especially for diesel engines: films on detector windows may act as an inhibitor.


Recommended: For diesel engine rooms IR3 flame detectors.
For LPG engine rooms IR3 or UV/IR flame detectors.