IR3 Flame Detector

The SENSE-WARE IR3 flame detectors utilizes a microprocessor for sophisticated electronic signal analysis. The Infrared sensors must exceed their alarm threshold balance to initiate a fire alarm. The triple IR flame detector uses an additional alarm criterion: the analysis of the flame flicker-frequency. The infrared IR3 flame detector has good false alarm rejection capabilities, including Arc Welding (> 3m), chopped sunlight or halogen lights but is still able to detect a real fire at the same time. To prevent unwanted alarms, the dynamic delay time for an alarm is 4-8 seconds depending on the size and or the distance to the flames. The triple IR flame detector is suitable for the detection light- and heavy Hydrocarbon fires, in fact, every yellow to red flame that emits Carbondioxide will be detected. A self-test is performed every hour to make sure the sensor and electronics operate well. A Test Lamp is available for regular inspections and end-to-end testing.

IR3 Flame Detector by SENSE-WARE

Product specifications infrared IR3 Flame Detector

  • Suitable for heavy- and light Hydrocarbons such as Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol and Ethanol
  • The IR3 Flame detector is resistant to artificial- and sunlight
  • Automatic sensor test
  • IR3 Flame detectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Operating temp.: -40 to +70°C (in Safe Area’s only)
  • GRP housing
  • Relay output for Alarm and Fault
  • Sinking 4-20 mA output (stepped)
  • CPR/EN54-10 certified
  • FM class 3260 approved
  • ATEX certified: II 3G  Ex nA IIC T4 Gc, II 3D Ex tc IIIC T 71°C Dc IP65, ambient temp.: -25° to +70°C
  • cFMus class 3611 (Nonincendive, Class I, II and III, Div 2), ambient temp.: -25° to +70°C
  • California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) listed
  • 5 Year WARRANTY

Triple IR Flame Detector Models

  • IR3-109/1CZ, with CPR/EN54-10 approval and ATEX certified cat. 3 for zone 2/22, FM class 3260 and cFMus class 3611 Approved



  • CPR/EN54-10 (pdf)
  • ATEX cat. 3 for zone 2/22 (pdf)
  • FM class 3611 and 3260 (pdf)

Third Party Testing

  • SwRI USA, Full Test Report (pdf)