Flame School Handbook

The Flame School Handbook is meant as a guideline for end users, fire detector companies and installers who want background information before purchasing and commissioning of a fire safety installation. The Flame School Handbook provides miscellaneous information on flame detection properties, project design information and physical background information. In each section a self-containing subject is treated.


If you have specific questions, which are not answered in the Flame School Handbook, you can ask your question to SENSE-WARE: info@sense-ware.com


For the right choice of SENSE-WARE flame detectors for your application you can consult the flame detector selection guide.





Please find the following Flame School items below:


Flame School Handbook – All pages (PDF)



Chapter 1 – Introduction (PDF)


Chapter 2 – Flame Detector Properties 

2.1 – Cone of Vision (PDF)

2.2 – Square law (PDF)

2.3 – Detection range (PDF)

2.4 – Properties of SENSE-WARE Flame detectors (PDF)


Chapter 3 – Flame detector project design 

3.1 – System design (PDF)

3.2 – System design questions (PDF)

3.3 – Project description (PDF)

3.4 – Project description flame detection, explained (PDF)

3.5 – Project description flame detection, template (PDF)

3.6 – Flame detection comparison (PDF)

3.7 – Flame detection checklist (PDF)

3.8 – High-end vs. Mid-range flame detectors (PDF)

3.9 – Flame detectors Zone 1 vs. Zone 2 (PDF)


Chapter 4 – Flame School EN54-10 (PDF)


Chapter 5 – Development in Flame detection (PDF)


Chapter 6 – Test fires for flame detectors (PDF)


Chapter 7 – Physical background 

7.1 – Fire type (PDF)

7.2 – Black body radiation (PDF)

7.3 – Fire radiation (PDF)

7.4 – Sunlight transmission (PDF)

7.5 – The Spectrum (PDF)


Chapter 8 – Glossary of terms (PDF)