Generator Rooms

Hot Surfaces

Generators are typically applied for backup or emergency purposes. This may be for safety such as in hospitals, or to avoid loss of productivity, in case of an industrial application losses by assurance of continuity. In generator rooms typically open fires are to be expected.


Typical Risks and properties

Flame detection for generator rooms

Typical features for generator rooms are:

  • Hot surfaces of the engine and the exhaust system may ignite Fuel or Lubricants.
  • Obstruction in the generator room are potential inhibitors so use at least two Flame detectors.
  • Use at least four Flame detectors when voting is applied.
  • Hot surfaces may act as false alarm source.
  • Oil films may inhibit the Flame Detector in Diesel Generator Rooms.


Detector choice: recommended UV/IR Flame Detectors Gas Generator Rooms. Recommended IR3 Flame Detectors for Diesel Generator Rooms.