Aircraft Hangars


Aircraft hangars are large, open floor areas with tall roof decks to house high-value aircraft. A fire would cause severe financial losses.


Typical risks

Typical features for Aircraft hangars are:

  • Main fire risk is a spill fire.
  • Aircraft maintenance activities include several potential ignition sources.
  • Large quantities of liquid jet fuel are present.


Typical requirements

  • Shadow effect by the wings of the airplane should be considered.
  • Big heights and distances.
  • Combination of sufficient sensitivity, fast response and good resistivity to false alarms is needed.
  • Only allowing unfueled aircraft will drastically lower the impact of a fire, but normally aircraft are fueled, for operations reasons.
  • The floor area strongly varies from 500 m2 for small airplanes to 20000 m2 for the biggest commercial airplanes.


Detector choice. Recommended: UV/IR or IR3 Flame Detectors.