Oil and Gas Pipe Line and Pumping Stations


There is a moderate fire risk for pipe racks. Pipe racks are typically a zone 2/22 operation connecting zone 1/21 operations. Depending on the spill fires after leakages. Valves of piper compressors depend on the combustibility of the medium, to be compressed. We will focus on combustible media.


Typical risks

Typical features for Pipe racks are:

  • A leak at a pipe joint containing a hazardous liquid.
  • The rupture or loss of containment, during a fire, of surrounding hazardous piping systems, not otherwise compromised, adding fuel to the fire.
  • A pipe rack may collapse due to the heat of a fire.
  • Spill fires and expanding fires should be expected.


Typical requirements

  • Monitoring pumps, valves and pipe joints.


Detector choice. Recommended: IR3 or UV/IR Flame Detectors.