SENSE-WARE FacilityAbout Us

SENSE-WARE was founded in 2001 and is a manufacturer and international operating trading company which sells high quality safety products. With headquarters in Veenendaal, the Netherlands, SENSE-WARE supplies a comprehensive delivery program of products which are applied in heavy applications in the industry (most common in the chemical industry and in the oil and gas industry) and in shipping. Our mission is to supply our customers products that fulfill their needs in the safest and most simple way. The key to our success is that we continuously update our technical knowledge.


SENSE-WARE is an independent player in the market for industrial flame detection since 2010. SENSE-WARE introduced the 210 series flame detectors in 2012 with the UV Flame detector and UV/IR Flame detector. As a manufacturer we work with partners that serve the same goal: To supply products that make this world a safer place. Our goal is to manufacture with the help of a quality program that meats the Six Sigma principles. The second generation flame detectors includes an IR3 flame detector and has been released in the summer of 2015. Scaling up the production is our goal for the years to come.

The SENSE-WARE Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001. The SENSE-WARE QMS also includes an ATEX QAN and IECEx QAR.