Flame Detectors

Flame detectors are known for their fast response to open fires. Applications vary from indoor to outdoor and from hydrocarbon to non-hydrocarbon fuels. SENSE-WARE offers the best suitable UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame detector for your plant so the safety of your workers is monitored while at the job or back at home with friends or family.


SENSE-WARE considers every industrial working place that has a can or solvent or bottle of gas in the corner from time to time a zone 2 / div 2 area. It simply means that in every workshop, every garage or every parking, a combustible volume of vapor or gas may be present at some point in time. Therefore SENSE-WARE industrial UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame detectors have a non-sparking or nonincendive construction. The certification guarantees that an independent third party has tested the Flame detector. Independent third parties have also tested the Performance of the Flame detectors so you feel secure having the Flame detectors watch over your people and property.


Please download your Brochure here. Try the “Flame Detector Selection Guide” to find out which detector is the most suitable for your application.